Friends are holding a fundraising weekend for a young mum undergoing chemotheray for an inoperable brain tumour. 

Lucy Barham, who has a nine-year-old son, Oliver, was diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumour eight years ago and recently learned it had spread.

Doctors say the tumour has grown like a spider’s web, making it very difficult to remove, and the 33-year-old has regular checks to monitor its growth.

Since the diagnosis, Ms Barham has been determined to live life to the full and her bubbly personality and positive attitude have prompted friends in Downham Market to organise an August Bank Holiday weekend of fundraising.

Friend Lauren Bubble runs Downham’s Live and Let Live pub with her partner Robbie Kenna and Ms Barham helps the couple out.

“She is the loveliest person I have met, very bubbly, positive and the regulars love her,” said Miss Bubble.

More than £300 has already been raised from donations and raffle tickets.

The Bank Holiday activities will include a fancy dress run around the town on Saturday, August 27 and a pool match at the London Road pub. On Sunday, August 28 there will be a raffle, karaoke and auction, while pub regulars are to perform their version of the famous Fully Monty film routine.

Miss Bubble added: “We want to raise some money to help her out, she can do whatever she wants with it.”

Ms Barham said she was overwhelmed when she heard about the fundraising.

“I just can’t believe it, I’ve not even met some of the people. I was diagnosed quite a while ago, but recently the tumour has got worse.

“My attitude has always been to live every day. People expect you to mope, but I don’t. I just enjoy what time I’ve got left.

“I don’t want to sit around, since the chemotherapy I have been tired and the tumour does affect my speech and memory,” she said.

Ms Barham was shocked when staff at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge told her a few months ago the tumour had spread.

“I was stunned, it has gone wild. I started chemotherapy straight away and the next lot is the first week of September,” she said.

Ms Barham is facing nine months of treatment and size of the tumour will be re-checked in October.

“If the treatment works, I can have it done as much as I want, but if it doesn’t there is nothing else they can do,” said Ms Barham, who is hoping to move to Downham and live with her mum, Christine.

Ms Barham said her mum was given the all-clear from breast cancer in the same week she was told her tumour had progressed.

Ms Barham is thinking about using some of the money raised by well-wishers to have memory tattoos, which she hopes friends will design for her.

“I want to be buried and it is my way of taking everyone with me,” she added.

To make a donation or help with the weekend, call Miss Bubble on 01366 383933.