Some of the Mark Farnham Schools of Tae Kwon-do fighting team at the world championships in Birmingham.

MARTIAL ARTS: Students from the Mark Farnham Schools of Tae Kwon-do enjoyed a successful time at the TI World Championships.

Held over a weekend at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, the tournament saw 30 fighting areas with more than 2,500 competitors, 400 officials and 4,000-plus spectators.

After months of heavy preparation, 32 students from the Farnham Schools took in pattern, sparring, destruction and team sparring categories and returned with 17 awards.

King’s Lynn winners were: Oliver Wright, boys red belt sparring 3rd; Jason Fitzgerald boys red belt sparring 1st and team sparring 2nd; Suzanne Fitzgerald girls blue belt sparring 3rd.

Charlotte Scott ladies black belt continuous sparring 3rd, point stop sparring 2nd and tag team sparring 2nd; Ilya Celinskis boys yellow belt sparring 3rd.

Warren Vice, a Lynn student who now teaches Tae Kwon-do in Liverpool had a massive haul.

The men’s black belt was first in the point stop sparring, continuous sparring and, fighting for England, in the sparring, as well as picking up second place in the tag team sparring.

It means Vice has 22 world titles to his name but, after a 27-year competitive career, is retiring from tournaments to concentrate on teaching.

  • Four times a year, students from the 14 Mark Farnham Schools take part in colour belt grading examinations at Providence Street Youth Centre, in King’s Lynn.

These are conducted by 8th Dan Tae Kwon-do masters from around the country, who each have more than 40 years’ Tae Kwon-do experience.

The July grading saw 144 students attend the four gradings with ages ranging from just four-years-old upwards.

All students passed with good grades under tests run by Master Brian Towndrow, 8th Dan.

Results from the Lynn school were – Black stripe: Jason Fitzgerald, Alaina Hardy.

Red belt: Oliver Wright.

Blue belt: Spencer Dawes, Arminas Janulionis, Akvile Jonusaite, Kasandra Kozyreva.

Blue stripe: Arvaidas Kupcxunas, Loreta Paliakaite.

Green belt: Daniel Lavrenov, Ryan Mattocks, Jayden McEwan, Gvidas Norvilas, Deirunas Teiserskis, Harvey Todhunter, Jasmine Triadi.

Green stripe: Ilya Celinskis, Nikita Celinskis, Kasey Grimes, Emma Mattocks, Harry Nash, Liam Wood, Deividas Zemciligovas.

Yellow belt: Daniel Akula, Vyte Gudauskaite, Sabina Noruisyte, Georgina Paynter, Gabriel Ramos.

Yellow stripe: Lukas Jasinskis, Airidas Kabaila, Emilija Kovaliova, Lukrecija Ridikaite, Cameron Taylor.