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West Norfolk businesses believe that the area is thriving on the back of the worldwide game phenomenon Pokemon Go.

More than 50 people a day are visiting the King’s Lynn Tourist Information Centre as a result of the game, played on mobile phones or tablets.

The free application has seen people of all ages outdoors trying to catch all of the original 150 Pokemon, or pocket monsters.

Players, known as trainers, have to visit particular areas to collect the images.

Trainers ‘see’ the monsters on a satellite map of their location and encounter them as a moving computer generated image through the phone’s camera.

Within the game, trainers also come across gyms and Pokestops which give players the chance to collect in-game items.

The tourist information centre in Lynn, based at the Custom House on Purfleet Street, is a ‘gym’ and is offering Pokemon Trainers a free reward.

“We are giving away American jelly beans to Pokemon Go players who pop into the tourist information centre,” said Karen Cooke, assistant Tourist Information Centre officer.

“When young people come in we tell them about all the different events going on in the area.

“We get about 50 to 75 Pokemon trainers in a day and the area is thriving,” she said.

The Pokemon Go website describes locations for the gyms and Pokestops as “interesting or historical locations in the community.”

West Norfolk gyms and Pokestops include the Lynn Minster, the College of West Anglia, Castle Rising Castle and the clock on the Heacham Public Hall.

Through social media, visitor attractions and businesses have been in support of the game.

On social network Twitter St Nicholas’ Chapel tweeted that it is a Pokestop offering free wi-fi for visitors to “enjoy history and claim their free items”.

Marriott’s Warehouse Trust , on South Quay tweeted that: “Pokemon Go is a great way to discover more of historic King’s Lynn.”

Through Facebook, Strikes in Gaywood has offered free rewards based on a player’s levels.

There is also a group on the website, Pokemon Go King’s Lynn and surrounding areas, where more than 700 members arrange meet-ups and share the locations of the rarer Pokemon.

Your Local Paper has also seen its fair share of Pokemon, including the Ghastly pictured. If you’re a trainer, pop in and say hello.