An artist’s impression of the new bouldering gym proposed in Outwell. Picture: Supplied.

A new climbing centre thought to be the first of its kind in West Norfolk could open in a matter of weeks.

Businessman Nathaniel George is seeking change of use planning permission to open a bouldering gym at a disused warehouse in Isle Road, Outwell.

Bouldering, a stripped-back form of rock climbing, is performed over crash mats without ropes, harness or helmets, just specialised shoes.

Mr George, 31, originally from March in Cambridgeshire, moved to Outwell in September last year after ten years living around the UK, including in Bristol and Liverpool.

His interest in bouldering started around four years ago and he regularly travels to a bouldering centre in Norwich.

But tired of travelling more than 40 miles, he decided to open his own gym.

“It’s very much a lifestyle and can take over your life,” Mr George said.

“I was disheartened to find the lack of support for different sports available.

“I am hoping that by developing a bouldering sport centre this will increase the diversity of sports practised within the area.”

Mr George said the simple techniques and lack of expensive equipment needed for bouldering made it more accessible than traditional forms of rock climbing.

He hopes to have the centre open for the summer holidays and get  people of all ages involved in the sport.

Initially, Mr George plans to run the centre with the help of family and his fiance, but eventually he hopes to hire around two full-time and two part-time staff.

West Norfolk Council is due to reach a decision on the application by August 25.