Jac Coffey

Gaywood toddler Jac Coffey has been given the all-clear after months of gruelling cancer treatment.
His relieved family received the good news after successful surgery earlier this year to remove the remains of a brain tumour and others on his spine.
Now mum Kayleigh, dad Jay and 11-month-old brother Leo can look forward to normal family life with three-year-old Jac.
Miss Coffey said: “We have been given an initial all-clear. Jac still has a high relapse rate of 46 per cent over the next three years, but an MRI scan in May came back with no tumours and no cancer.”
The family plans to celebrate with a holiday at Butlin’s in Skegness in the autumn although Jac’s dad will not be able to join them because of work commitments.
But he can now return to his hobby of night fishing which he gave up completely when his son became ill.
Jac (pictured) has been in and out of hospital since March 2015 when he was first diagnosed with a brain tumour.
Initially, he underwent an operation which lasted more than 17 hours, but surgeons could not remove all of the tumour.
At the time, the family thought they might have to travel to America for pioneering treatment and fundraising well-wishers throughout West Norfolk rallied around to help.
But the family did not have to make the journey and Jac underwent weeks of chemotherapy treatment at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.
He had further surgery in December when the tumours on his spine were discovered and a few weeks later, surgeons at Addenbrooke’s successfully removed the remaining part of the brain tumour.
This was followed with a course of radiotherapy in February and the all-clear came in May.
“There was no signs of any remains of the tumour, or any re-growth,” said a delighted Miss Coffey.
Jac will have regular check-ups and another MRI scan in November to monitor his progress.
“We will always have to keep a close eye on him but now he can enjoy being a little boy without all those trips to hospital. He can be with his friends, he’s even got himself a little girlfriend.
“He’s absolutely fine, running around, causing mischief,” said Miss Coffey, who wants to raise £1,000 to buy 17 portable DVD players for the hospital.