Toby Coke, left, with Iain Duncan Smith and Henry Bellingham in Lynn. Picture: Paul Tibbs.

The result is already known and the UK is either still in the European Union or not.

But when the Vote to Leave bandwagon rolled into King’s Lynn this week, the outcome could not have been predicted.

North West Norfolk MP Sir Henry Bellingham hit the campaign trail with fellow Conservative Iain Duncan Smith and UKIP leader on the county council Toby Coke.

The brief walkabout took place in the town centre after Mr Duncan Smith had visited Chatteris and before the group went on to continue campaigning in Spalding.

Mr Duncan Smith, a vocal exit campaigner and former leader of the Conservative Party, said he was convinced the best move for the UK was to leave Europe. Both he and Mr Bellingham wanted the so-called Brexit while South West Norfolk MP and Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss supported Prime Minister David Cameron who wished to remain within the union.

Polling stations closed at 10pm yesterday with a result returned early this morning.