Ethan is pictured ready to start his 12-hour lambing shift at Snettisham Park.

Nine-year-old Ethan Newton-Walters held a 12-hour lambing shift at Snettisham Park to raise awareness of people in need.

Nathan, a pupil Glebe House School in Hunstanton, spent from noon to midnight as a lambing assistant at farm park, where his parents Trevor and Colleen Walters are managers.

The lambing barns were kept open for visitors to show their support, watch the lambs being born and make donations to Hunstanton Food Bank.

Mrs Walters said 12 lambs were born during Ethan’s shift.

As well as helping, Ethan made-up bottles of milk for any orphaned lambs, changed drinking water, did the feeds and made-up beds.

Mrs Walters said she was very proud of his efforts and explained the last hour was the toughest.

“He only stopped at lunch for  about 20 minutes and again at 5pm for 20 minutes,” she said.

Glebe House pupils have chosen the food bank as their charity for the year.

“Ethan wanted to help this himself and so was sponsored by pupils, parents and staff at the school as well as family, friends and staff and Snettisham Park to complete his 12-hours’ work during the busy lambing period.

“He has raised nearly £400 and also has a large stack of food donated on the night for the food bank too.”