Lakeside Hammers 56-36 King’s Lynn Stars

The Stars kicked of the 2016 Elite League season with a heavy away defeat at the Arena Essex raceway.

The Norfolk side started with an opening heat win thanks to fan-favourite Niels-Kristian Iversen gaining a victory over fellow Grand Prix rival Andreas Jonsson.

From there it was all down hill for the Norfolk side. Consecutive 5-1 heat advantages for the home side saw them open up an early eight point advantage after three heats.

The Hammers gained yet another 5-1 in heat five. That forced Rob Lyon to deploy the black and white helmet on Iversen in the next race, that resulted in a 7-2 heat advantage for Lynn.

The Stars couldn’t maintain the close score. A run of heat advantages for the home side and a rare 5-0 heat four courtesy of a Rory Schlin (fall) and Robert Lambert (exclusion).

A dramatic heat 11 gave the home side a 16 point lead. A flurry of shared heats up-until heat 15 resulted in a home 5-1 to seal the 20 point victory.

Iversen 14, Huckenbeck 3, Schlein 1, Korneliussen 10, Lambert 2, Wilkinson 2+2, Rose 4+1

King’s Lynn Stars 51-39 Lakeside Hammers

The Stars bounced back in fine style on home shale following a “Hammering” at the Arena Essex raceway.

It was a good all-round team performance with young teenage German rider Kai Huckenbeck and the returning Mads Korneliussen catching the eye for Lynn, who where looking to put right what they couldn’t during the afternoon meeting around the difficult Lakeside track.

An opening 4-2 advantage, courtesy of Iversen and teenager Kai Huckenbeck, kicked the meeting off in perfect style for Lynn.

The Hammers bounced back in the reserve race when the returning Lewis Kerr got the better of both Stars riders and his team mate Robert Mear picking up the third place point.

Carl WIlkinson and Huckenbeck linked up for the first 5-1 of the home campaign in heat five as the Stars turned the screw before the interval with a string of heat advantages.

The visitors played the tactical joker in heat 11 which failed with them on the receiving end of yet another Lynn 5-1 thanks to the combination of Iversen and the very impressive Huckenbeck – double point chasing Lewis Bridger could only finish third.

A run of shared heats saw the meeting draw to a close with a rare Hammers heat advantage in the 15th with Andreas Jonnson getting one over Iversen and Richard Lawson holding off Robert Lambert for third.

Iversen 13, Huckenbeck 7+2, Schlein 3+1, Korneliussen 9+1, Lambert 9+2, Wilkinson 5, Rose 5+1