Successful King’s Lynn Kuk Sool Won students after their grading.

MARTIAL ARTS: More than 100 members of the Mark Farnham Schools of Tae Kwon-Do were at the TAGB English Championships at the Worcester Arena.

Forty-eight students were joined by 16 officials and 40 spectators in the second-biggest event in the UK calendar.

Sixteen fighting areas ran throughout the day with more than 1,500 competitors in action at pattern, sparring, destruction and team sparring events during the day.

The Farnham Schools excelled with 24 medals gained.

School principal Mark Farnham said: “To win any award at this event is a very serious achievement, so very well done to our students.”

Seven of the successful students were from the King’s Lynn school.

Jason Fitzgerald, boys red belt team sparring 1st; Mark Fitzgerald boys green belt
team sparring 1st; Suzanne Fitzgerald girls green belt sparring 2nd and girls green belt team sparring 3rd.

Alaina Hardy ladies red belt sparring 1st; Ryan Kirby mens blue belt sparring 2nd; Harry Russell boys red belt sparring 2nd and boys red belt team sparring 1st; James Russell cadet male black belt sparring 2nd.

The Mark Farnham Schools are now preparing for their next event, which will be the Welsh Championships in Cardiff in May.

Anyone interested in learning a martial art in a fun, friendly atmosphere should call Mark Farnham on 0777 1644460 or visit the school’s website

λ A big effort and scintillating skills were on show as a group of students from the Kuk Sool Won Traditional Korean Martial Arts School of King’s Lynn were put through their paces in the latest grading event.

A group of adult students graded for their next belts and a team of instructors put them through their paces.

The two-hour grading saw the students going though kicking, hand striking, empty hand forms and self-defence techniques.

When all this was done, fitness came in and board breaking. All the students broke boards with a variety of kicking techniques.

Brown belts were also tested on their weapon skills.

All students passed with flying colours and two students now have to opportunity to start testing for black belt.

Kuk Sool Won Traditional Korean Martial Arts School teaches Lil Dragons, four to six years-old, junior/youth age six to 13, and adults 13-plus.

To book a free introduction session, call Marie on 0795 7961877, Darren on 0754 5239300 or visit the website for more details.