From left: Twin sisters Doris Denson and Barbara Burkett both 86, with their aunt Vi Malin. Picture: Stewart Davidson.

Family and friends gathered to celebrate the birthday of a woman who has turned 110-years-old.

Vi Malin received her seventh birthday card from the Queen, and another from her beloved Sheffield Wednesday football club.

She has previously received birthday cards from the monarch, who is nearly 20 years younger, for her 100th and 105th to 109th birthdays.

Speaking ahead of her party, held at the Lisbon Court retirement village in King’s Lynn on Wednesday, she spoke about her parents.

“My mum and dad lived in King’s Lynn and they both drowned in the east coast floods of 1953, they lived at Winfarthing Avenue.

“They liked to live near the river, but I never did.  They were swept from out of their house.”

Mrs Malin was born in Ipswich on March 23, 1906, when Edward VII was King.

She had three sisters and two brothers and the family lived in Wisbech and later moved to Sheffield when Mrs Malin was nine-years-old.

She remembers both world wars very well.

“With the First World War there was no food, we were starved,” she said.

“With the Second World War we were on rations.  We were bombed and bombed. They were dreadful, terrible times.”

Mrs Malin worked in a shoe shop in Sheffield but was moved to other shops in Lincoln and Rotherham during the war.

“After the war, I said ‘I’m not working again,’ and I didn’t – I was a housewife.”

Mrs Malin married John, who was known as Jack, in 1931 and the couple went on to be married for 62 years.

“My husband was in the Army so he was away all the time. At one point I didn’t see him for four years.  It was a bit of a trying time,” she said.

The couple did not have any children and were involved in their local church operatic society.

Mrs Malin’s other interests were knitting and crochet and she still has a keen interest in football and particularly Sheffield Wednesday.

Mrs Malin said there was no secret of reaching such a good age, but she said she has always been healthy and enjoys the ‘odd tipple’ of sherry.

“But I always like to be happy and cheerful,” she said.

Mrs Malin was also joined by her 86-year-old twin nieces, Doris Denson and Barbara Burkett in the birthday celebrations.

Mrs Burkett added: “She is still so alert, very happy-go-lucky.”

Britain’s oldest person is currently Gladys Hooper, 113, of the Isle of Wight.