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Seven average speed cameras are to be installed on the A17 in a bid to reduce the number of crashes on a notorious stretch of road. 

So far, one camera has been located on the approach to the Station Road junction at Terrington St Clement, in the direction of King’s Lynn.

And in Clenchwarton, on the same side, another camera has been put up just before the junction with the village’s Station Road.

The remaining five cameras will be posted along the stretch of road from the Norfolk and Lincolnshire border near Sutton Bridge to the Pullover Roundabout at West Lynn.

Anne Pointin, safety camera enforcement  team and central ticket office manager for Norfolk police, said the cameras were not yet operational.

It is expected they will be live within the next few months, and they will be used to identify drivers who exceed the current 60mph limit by taking an average of speed between any two points.

“The new cameras will form part of an average speed system due to be implemented in the near future,” she said.

Mrs Pointin said there would be signs to inform drivers of the new cameras.

The move comes after the latest crash on the A17, which took place just before Christmas on the Station Road junction.

Laura Pesterfield, 21, died at the scene on December 21. She was the third person in five years to die at the junction.

The decision to install speed cameras had been made before the December crash but had taken time to implement.

Parish councillor for Terrington St Clement Sheila Young said she welcomed any physical measure designed to make the A17 safer.

“I’m keen for any safety measures that cut-down accidents, I hope it will help,” she said.

But Mrs Young said she felt the main problem with the Terrington St Clement Station Road junction on the A17 was the signage.

“The lorry drivers cannot see beyond it.  It was an ill-conceived junction – it has poor visibility in both directions,” she added.

A 2014 traffic census showed 15,281 vehicles, including 1,846 HGVs  use the A17 stretch of road each day. The statistics show that the monitoring site, at Tilney All Saints, saw 10,653 cars each day.

A similar number of vehicles were also recorded at the Sutton Bridge monitoring point.