Steven Franklin, pictured with successful candidates from the latest gradings, will be running the London Marathon with David Grimes.

MARTIAL ARTS: Kuk Sool Won of King’s Lynn students enjoyed a successful time at their latest gradings.

Thirty black belts and advanced students from the traditional Korean martial arts school graded towards their next grade level.

Nineteen Dahn Bo Nims (black belt candidates) all passed the grade towards their black belt after completing a minimum of six gradings held every three months.

They had to perform a variety of skills, from basic kicking to jump kicks, spinning kicks and combination kicks, numerous self-defence techniques, empty hand forms, falling skills and breaking.

Eleven Jyo Kyo Nim’s (1st degree black belt) also passed their grading towards 2nd degree black belt.

These students also have to grade for a minimum of eight times, being tested every three months, when they have the addition of weapons to their syllabus including staff form and sparring, sword form and cutting and short staff form.

The school has sponsored Steven Franklin and David Grimes, who will be running this year’s London Marathon for the Tapping House charity.

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