The Rev John Penny Picture: Tony Jones.

A retired vicar is on the lookout for fellow enthusiastic cello players to get in touch.

The Rev John Penny would like to join forces with other cellists so they can make music.

He retired to the village from his former parish on the North Norfolk coast near Holt,

The Rev Penny moved to Outwell with wife Diana who was the vicar of Tilney All Saints, around ten years ago.

He took up the cello as a young man and in 1959, aged 16, he joined the Midland Youth Orchestra.

“At my first rehearsal I was the only cellist and the music was a Tchaikovsky symphony. When the orchestra came to the end of the piece  I was still half-way through.

“I like to play music with other musicians who accept each other

“Nowadays I would not have had a chance of selection, such is the number of fine young cellists around,” he said.

“I  still really enjoy playing and travel over to the North Norfolk coast to play with a friend. It would be nice to play locally as well, “ he said.

“My talents are limited and anyone looking for a semi-professional player would be very disappointed,” he said.

Although he enjoys playing the classics, the Rev Penny also played with a swing band and said he’s not ‘prissy’ about the type of music he plays.

He was taught by cellist Lesley Sutton who also taught international cellist Thomas Igloi.

For further information contact the Rev Penny on 0778 47367000.