Young Hero Awards. Picture: Kevin Elfleet.

Six youngsters from West Norfolk were presented with their awards on Friday morning.
The Mayor’s Special award was given to Morgan Sysum,13, who has a rare illness and has undergone a kidney transplant.
Sasha Nutley was only four when che called 999 after her mum collapsed at home.
Volunteer of the year was Ethan Albon who is a carer for three of his siblings and his mum.
Ace Rust was awarded the Achievement through High School Award after being nominated by teacher Kay Bunting. He has dyslexia, has  studied at sixth-form and is heading to university next year.
The Achievement through Primary School Award was made to Ellie-Mae Russell.
She always tries hard at school and had received a special Golden Award for her hard work out of school.
Young Heroes Carer of the Year was presented to Lucie Penfold who was nominated by Carly Hain of the Speada Carers.
She cares for her father Jay and helps care for her younger brother Matthew.
She organised a fundraising tea and coffee morning for the Fybromyalgia Association and is always to first to make new young carers feel welcome at the group she attends regularly.
Lucie also suffered burns when she fell on to a bonfire.