Dorothy Hosein. Picture: Paul Tibbs.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is under ‘huge strain’ as part of a national problem with rising patient numbers.

Chief executive Dorothy Hosein said the QEH needed to ensure it could admit patients who needed to be there.

“It’s a huge strain,” she said.

“We now have 19 escalation beds instead of 12.  We need to make sure we are admitting those who need admitting and the same in the community.”

Marking her first year in post, Mrs Hosein said patient focus remained at the heart of her leadership.

“I do believe it’s a personal service we are delivering,” she said.

“When someone comes into hospital it’s someone’s  mum, aunt, son.  We have got to remember what the patient wants, so we have put the patient focus on out decision making.”

As part of aiming to continually improving the service, Mrs Hosein revealed she reads every single complaint that comes to the hospital.

“I have a black book which has complaint letters in which I read every day.”

Mrs Hosein arrived last year, after the 500-bed hospital was put in special measures in October 2013.

Inspectors at the time found staffing levels were inadequate, waiting times too long and its financial performance was unsatisfactory.

But in the summer, the hospital was taken out of special measures, with strong leadership and committed staff cited as key reasons.

Ambulance turnaround times are a national problem and last month left the hospital with a possible £121,600 fine for failing to meet targets. The money is given to the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Mrs Hosein said the hospital has seen a 11 per cent increase in ambulance attendance, which is a national problem.

Mrs Hosein said had a clear vision for the year ahead by “striving for excellence.”

However, she said the hospital has met its of £14.9m deficit target  .

“We have managed the budget so we now have grip and control over it,” said Mrs Hosein.

Although money is “tight” the hospital is investing.

its ward refurbishment programme.

Next year looks just as busy for the hospital as the transformation continues with Elm ward being refurbished in January and the new midwife-led unit.

Free Wifi will be installed throughout the hospital which is set to be completed by July.

“As I have always said, we’re on a journey,” said Mrs Hosein.