Chris Abbott with his 45lb 2oz record mirror carp.

Nar Valley Fisheries has recorded its fifth reported 40 pound-plus carp of the season.

Chris Abbott fished Lake Geneva for a 48-hour midweek session and ended up with the catch of a lifetime. The former site record holder settled down with fish rolling in front of him and the carp fed steadily. The result was a spectacular haul of a common carp of 30lb 12oz and mirrors of 33lb 12oz and 37lb 4oz plus a new Nar Valley Fisheries record mirror of 45lb 2oz.

Hobbs Lake Trout fishery is fishing well with Rainbows averaging 3lb willing to chase lures and nymphs fished just below the surface.

This is a season permit venue with the new season starting on January 1. For more information contact Chris, 01553 636507.

Blackdyke Trout Fly Fishery has enjoyed an excellent week with lots of fish showing all over the lake. Cats whiskers, minkie and yellow dancers have taken most fish.

Despite windy conditions on Sunday, top rod was Aran Davies with 18 caught and released. His best rainbow was estimated at the 7lb mark.