Barry Mears and Steve Brown, of King's Lynn Metal Detecting Club with the Coptic bronze bowl. Picture: Kevin Elfleet.












The remains of an Anglo-Saxon warrior earl have been unearthed in West Norfolk almost1,400 years after his death.

The exact site has been kept a secret, but the discovery was made by Barry Mears and Steve Brown, members of King’s Lynn Metal Detecting Club.

Chairman of the club, Kevin Elfleet, said: “The two members found a Coptic bronze bowl first which originated from Egypt and used for ceremonial purposes.”

With permission from the land owner, a team including Dr Helen Geake, of Channel 4’s Time Team, carried out an excavation of the grave site.

“We found a male’s grave which is unusual – it’s more common to find a female grave,” said Mr Elfleet.

“The grave was also complete with all its goods, and you don’t often get swords complete like that in Anglo-Saxon graves.”

Items were found in the grave included an iron sword and an iron shield boss.

“It came as quite a surprise,” said Mr Elfleet.

“When we found the Coptic bowl, little did we know that we were inches away from the Pagan-type burial,” Mr Elfleet added.