Staff and volunteers outside The Purfleet Trust. Picture: Tony Jones.

A King’s Lynn charity which supports the homeless is facing closure unless it finds £50,000.

The Purfleet Trust is struggling to cope due to an increase in demand for its services and bosses blame government cuts for the situation.

Chief executive of the charity, Paula Hall, said it relied heavily on charitable donations to provide vital support to single, homeless people in West Norfolk.

“We urgently need help,” she said. “Homelessness can happen to anyone, whether you are male or female, young or old, whether you are currently working or not.

“We are heading towards the time of year when we are needed most.  Unless we can raise £50,000 as soon as possible, we will have no choice but to turn away some of the most vulnerable in our community.”

Mrs Hall added: “We need to be able to continue our vital work and minimise the impact of homelessness on the individual and the community.”

The Purfleet Trust was set up as a charity in 1993 to provide help for single homeless people in the area. It provides short-term support, such as a hot meal and shower, as well as longer-term help such as access to Accredited Vocational Qualifications.

The charity has managed to secure some ongoing funding for early next year, but still needs urgent donations.

Cheques can made payable to The Purfleet Trust or visit