Clenchwarton pupils learning all about working life. Pictures: Tony Jones.

Speakers and guests were invited into a West Norfolk primary school to help pupils realise their dreams.

Clenchwarton Primary School held an Aspirations Day to give pupils the chance to discover a wide range of career opportunities.

It was the second time the school had held the event, which was organised by Kerry-Ann Lawrence, Year 3 class teacher.

Mrs Lawrence said it was important for pupils to broaden their horizons and learn about the world of work.

“The idea was to show there are a lot of careers and to try to help pupils make decisions later in their school life,” said Mrs Lawrence.

Visitors to the school included a firefighter, building site manager, surveyor, members of the medical profession, an author, sports coach and an optician.

Mrs Lawrence said a representative from King’s Lynn’s College of West Anglia also attended and spoke to pupils about college courses and apprenticeship schemes.

The afternoon was open to the whole school and pupils were divided into small groups as they visited each guest.

Mrs Lawrence said: “They seem to know what their parents do but  the afternoon was meant to encourage them to learn about the different opportunities available to them when they leave school.”

A similar event was first held three years ago and Mrs Lawrence said the Aspirations Day would be held again.

“It is part of our spiritual, moral and cultural development that children need to have aspirations,” she added.