Fly tipping could increase as a result of a county council decision to close a waste recycling centre in Docking.

West Norfolk council member Andrew Morrison, who represents the area, said the news had been a ‘great disappointment’.

Norfolk County Council’s environment, development and transport committee voted to support a cost-cutting proposal to shut the facility. They also backed plans to reduce hours at Heacham and Ashill to four days a week.

“The inconvenience, cost of petrol, pollution and consequent fly tipping will be avoided if the county comes to its senses and rejects the decision of the committee,” said Mr Morrison.

“Surely the members of our rural community who suffer more from cuts that their urban neighbours, deserve more consideration from the county council,” he added.

After last week’s Your Local Paper story on the problem of fly tipping, several readers have been in touch with their own stories.

Most agree that the problem appears to be getting worse.

“Until the council tips are open for more hours, take stuff without so many restrictions, and don’t charge for some items, there will always be the temptation to dump stuff,” said Cath Duhig, of Downham Market.

“They impose so many rules and regulations on how much and what the centres will accept and, with the opening hours in the equation, it all encourages fly tipping,” said Jason Smith.

The cut to hours, which has yet to be approved, comes after the government blocked plans by the county council to start charging people for using recycling centres.

At the moment, charges made for DIY waste is restricted to one 80-litre bag a week or there is charges ranging from £30 to £68 depending on the size of vehicle.

The closure plan will be the subject of public consultation and would save, according to the council, around £70,000 a year.