The Uptown Monks on their winning raft in Outwell.

Villagers in Outwell took to the water to start a Bank Holiday weekend of fun.

Raft races were held on the Well Creek between the Crown Lodge Hotel and The Crown pub on Saturday afternoon.

Teams of adults and juniors did their best to stay afloat despite a barrage of ‘missiles’ from other rafters and spectators.

The winning adult team was the Uptown Monks and the junior team was won by the Basket Boat.

“We had loads of spectators, it looked like the whole village turned out,” said one of the organisers Paul Smith.

The village’s annual gala fun day was held on Sunday with a range of attractions at the playing field.

“It is the fourth year we have done this, and the first time it has rained,” said Mr Smith.

The It’s A Knockout Competition was won by The Maniacs (junior) and Sweet Dreams (senior.)

“It went really well, and particular thanks to Goldings for the equipment they lent us,” said Mr Smith.

All proceeds go towards village events and the next will be the bonfire night firework show.

If anyone would like to join the committee or help, contact Mr Smith on 07977 946640.