The Queen Elizabeth Hospital at King's Lynn.

A ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn has been closed to new patients after a confirmed case of norovirus.

The Gayton Road hospital said it had one confirmed and three suspected cases of the bug, which causes sickness and diarrhoea.

The confirmed case is on Necton ward, which cares for elderly people and currently has 33 patients.

A hospital spokesman said: “During the Necton Ward closure, a number of tried and tested effective control measures were put in place, including deep cleaning, personal protective equipment for staff and visitors, portable sinks and bottled water for increased hygiene, in addition to a cohort of nurses who provided affected patients with care while not contaminating other areas of the ward.

“During any outbreak patient pathways of care continue and when patients are fit and well enough they can be discharged to their home wherever possible, taking care to not discharge affected patients to other healthcare facilities or to a community care setting.”

The case comes in the wake of new measures introduced earlier this month at the hospital as part of the fight against the spread of highly infectious diseases.

They include the trial of new deep cleaning robots from America which use ultra violet rays to disinfect contaminated areas.