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A West Norfolk parish council is hoping to meet with Post Office bosses in a bid to stop a village branch being relocated.

Around a dozen members of the public attended a recent meeting of Upwell Parish Council to outline their objections to the plan.

The Post Office is currently consulting on moving the service from its Town Street branch to the G&B Superstore, on the same road.

But parish council chairman Prue Lester said that many people did not want to lose the dedicated post office branch and added that parking would be an issue.

“You can park on both sides of the road outside the shop at the moment, but it gets narrow where G&B stores are so parking is only allowed on one side,” she said.

“I don’t think the Post Office is fully aware of the demographic here as many elderly people use the Upwell Post Office and wouldn’t want to use a counter in a shop where others are buying chocolate or beer,” she added.

The parish council is hoping to meet with Post Office management in a bid to save the existing branch.

Outwell Post Office, around half a mile away, recently became a convenience store with Post Office services at the counter from 5.30am to 11pm.

“If people want that, then they can go to Outwell – but many of them want a dedicated Post Office where there is security and privacy and Upwell Post Office is more than adequate for our needs,” said Mrs Lester.

A Post Office spokesman said the proposed move was part of a major modernisation programme.

“It is currently run by a temporary postmaster which means it could be in danger of closing at short notice as a temporary postmaster only needs to give us a week’s notice,” she said.

If it relocated to G&B it would be opened for an extra 70 hours a week, over seven days.

A petition with around 300 names has been started in G&B Stores against the plans.

The Post Office had previously consulted on plans for a purpose-built store and post office on a site adjacent to the existing one, but the developer decided not to go ahead.

Consultation is open to March 3 and can be made on 08457 223344, by email to: or by Freepost Your Comments to Post Office Ltd. The website here: with branch code 351230.