The number of homes to be built on a King’s Lynn open space has been reduced after protests.

West Norfolk Council was hoping to build 550 on two sites in the town, one off Marsh Lane and the other at Lynnsport.

But a report going before the council’s cabinet on Tuesday says the number has now been reduced to 450 after public consultation.

The plan to have bollards preventing traffic going through Marsh Lane has also been axed.

But two new sports pitches, a community centre and two blocks of changing rooms have been taken out of the plan as a result of the modifications.

Instead of converting the Dutton Pavilion to a community centre, there will be an extension added to create more space for other uses.

The area known as Lynnsport 2 will no longer be developed which means the existing football pitches and changing rooms will remain. The planned FA Centre of Excellence will also now not go ahead.

The new hockey pitches, tennis courts and a nature area all remain in the scheme.

The report says that other sites owned by the council will now be looked at to make-up the shortfall of new homes within this project.

While there is a reduction in investment, the report says, “it does still represent a significant investment in infrastructure.”

Some £825,000 will be spent on new sport facilities and a new car park and access road to Lynnsport.

If approved, work on constructing the housing should start in October this year.