Pelican's Girls' Development team.

Pelicans pushed their goal average past five per match with a 12-0 crushing of Sudbury Seconds in Division Three North East of the East Men’s League. 

Ashleigh Corbett grabbed a treble with the other nine goals shared by eight players – John Vinson 2, Sam Kent, Edward Brown, Toby Hoare, Tom Norman, Josh Widdowson, Iain Page and Graham Brookes.

* Pelicans u14s girls went out of the HA Cup after a thrilling match against Norwich City.

They lost 7-1 but the game was played at an incredible pace with examples of fabulous passing from both sides.

Although younger and smaller than their Norwich counterparts, Pelicans battled well. Player of the match was Mikayla Glover.

* The Pelican’s Girls Development team were 9-4 victors against Lowestoft Railway.