Young Hero Award Winners.

All that is good about West Norfolk youth has been celebrated at a special event in King’s Lynn Town Hall.

Winners of the Young Hero Awards, run by local radio station KL.FM, along with their  supporters, were invited to the awards ceremony.

Young people were recognised for their hard work in categories from achievement through education (primary), carer of the year, volunteer of the year, achievement through education (secondary) and the Mayor’s special award.

The breakfast ceremony was hosted by the radio station, based in Lynn.

“We were delighted to recognise and reward some truly special young people from our community. The Young Hero awards is something that we do every year but hearing the stories of these people never fails to astonish me. They have often faced incredibly difficult situations that no one of any age should have to deal with yet they do so with such admirable ease while seeking nothing in return. It was truly humbling to meet these people and name them as the KL.FM Young Heroes for 2014,” said station managing director Darren Taylor.

Nominations were sent to KL.FM and the winning entries  were invited to the awards on Friday morning.

West Norfolk Mayor Barry Ayres presented  his special award to Poppy Gilding  for her caring attitude towards two siblings, who have autism spectrum disorders, and others in her family. She has also been diagnosed with a chronic condition and has overcome issues with bullying.