Katie Boofer.

A 27-year-old King’s Lynn woman is  too scared to take her dog for a walk after being knocked to the floor and punched in the face by a robber.

Katie Boofer said the attack in the early hours of  Saturday, November 22, has made her extremely wary and left her feeling on edge.

Miss Boofer was on her way home from a friend’s house when the attacker struck. He stole £10 from her purse but then came back to where she was sitting and returned her purse.

Miss Boofer was walking on the bus lane from South Lynn towards Friars Fleet at about 1am when she became aware of a man walking behind her.

She said: “This made me more cautious and I speeded up. It was creepy because he was near the bushes. I went to get my keys out of my bag when an arm came over my left shoulder.

“I told him to get off and used my forearm to try to get him off but he was almost hugging me. I was screaming for him to get off and he went to get my handbag. I wouldn’t let it go and we were both pulling.

“He got me to the ground, I don’t really know how, and then pinned me down. He had his knees on my chest. He punched me in the face and got my purse and ran off.”

Miss Boofer said she sat up and dialled 999 and as she made the call, the robber returned.

“He said something, I don’t know what it was, and gave me my purse back,” she said.

She added that the attack left her frightened and shaken. She suffered swelling and bruises to her face and sore muscles due to the struggle.

Miss Boofer said she was wearing earphones at the time and she felt they made her more aware of her surroundings.

“That was why I looked behind and saw him,” she said.

Miss Boofer, who works at an opticians in Lynn, said the attack had left her too scared to walk her dog.

“It has made me really cautious, I know at some point I will get back into it – it’s just going to take a bit of time. You hear about these things happening to other people but not you.”

She said the scariest moment was when the man came back.

“He had my purse and I thought what else does he want?”

Miss Boofer said her work colleagues were shocked to hear about her ordeal and they have been very supportive.

She said she decided to talk about the attack because there might be victims of other attacks who have not come forward.

She has described her attacker as aged 25 to 35. He wore a dark blue Puffa-style coat with the hood up and dark trousers.

Police have appealed for the public’s help. Detective Constable Richard Moden said: “The victim was left very distressed and immediately dialled 999. Unusually, during this time the robber returned, handing back the purse. I am keen to hear from anyone who may have been in this area and noticed a man acting suspiciously.”

Call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.