A week-long speeding crackdown will continue on the county’s roads this weekend.

Norfolk and Suffolk police have been carrying out extra checks as part of the Europe-wide campaign, which ends on Sunday.

The forces hope to highlight the dangers of speeding and the consequences driving above the limit can have through education and enforcement.

Motorists caught speeding will face a £100 fixed penalty notice and three points on their licence, or may have the option to complete a speed awareness course.

Under certain circumstances, drivers can be taken to court and face larger fines and disqualification from driving.

Chief inspector Chris Spinks said: “Drivers who speed are more likely to be involved in a collision because they have less time to react to situations.

“Speeding is recognised as one of the ‘fatal four’ offences which leads to people being killed or seriously injured on our roads alongside drink driving, using a mobile phone and seat belt offences.

“The limits are in place for a reason.”