Snail racing at Congham. Picture: Paul Tibbs.

It may have been the biggest weekend in golf with Rory McIlroy racing to glory in The Open.

And Formula 1 drivers were hitting top speed at the German Grand Prix while fast-bowlers were being put through their paces in the test series.

But all that was eclipsed by the international event that is the World Championship of snail racing.

Congham village fete was the slimy centre of the universe as crowds flooded in to watch the annual event.

The winner was a snail called Wells that was trained by Zeben Butler-Alldred, 5, who is from London but holidaying in North West Norfolk. He named his snail after the sea-side resort.

The hot and sultry weather may have been lovely for humans, but saw a slow winning time, by world-standards, with 3 mins 19s needed to complete the 13-inch course.

The world record currently stands at two minutes and was set by Archie in 1995 – a feat that can only be challenged at Congham.