Pupils at Whitefriars launch the PUP campaign. Picture: Tony Jones

Pupils at a King’s Lynn school are doing their bit to encourage responsible dog ownership.

The Pick Up Please (PUP) campaign was launched by the children at Whitefriars Primary School who designed window stickers for local residents.

A group of pupils were joined by West Norfolk councillor Lesley Bambridge to deliver the stickers.

“We are including letters explaining the perils of dog poo if the animal isn’t vaccinated, in the hope that there will be an improvement,” she said.

Two designs were chosen by the judges who included designers Daniel Simkins and Hannah Hornigold of King’s Lynn’s Maze Media.

“It was difficult to choose, so we agreed on two in the end.”

The Dogs Trust has also launched its annual campaign, The Big Scoop.

The organisation has 22 education and community officers in the country visiting local authorities and schools and to talk about responsible ownership.