The face of ITV's World Cup coverage. Picture: Paul Tibbs

Denver schoolgirl Daisy Liddell is the face of football for millions of fans as she features on ITV during the World Cup coverage.

Daisy, 5, was chosen by the TV company to be the little girl having her face painted in one of four short films being used to promote coverage on the channel.

Proud mum Helen Liddell said her daughter, pictured on today’s front page, had been on the books of a model agency for a while, but this was the first major job she has had.

“We stayed in London overnight before the filming about a month ago. It was really good and Daisy enjoyed all of it,” she said.

While Daisy may not be a huge football fan, her mother’s partner Robbie Jackson has been avidly watching the games.

“She’s not really interested, but we have been watching some of the games – specially England.

“There are four of the idents (short films) that have been done and Daisy’s was on for the opening night of the World Cup which was nice. She likes seeing herself on telly,” said her mum, who also has a son, Sonny Jackson, aged 18 months.