The Pullover roundabout slip road. Picture: Tony Jones

Drivers faced more delays with the closure of the Saddlebow slip road on to the A47 and signs have indicated it will remain the case until July 3.

Alexandra Kemp, a Norfolk county councillor for the ward which includes Clenchwarton and West Lynn, has contacted the Highways Agency  about the problems.

Last week, Miss Kemp had hoped to secure a meeting with both the agency and the contractors. She had an “extensive conversation” with the agency representative and was able to explain that signs to the Norfolk Arena speedway venue have caused extensive confusion and needed to be changed.

A Young Stars speedway meeting was cancelled on Friday because of the road closure due to the bridge reproofing and resurfacing work.

Miss Kemp said that had added to the confusion, especially for drivers travelling to the arena.

“The agency said it was putting signs up, but I am saying these aren’t right for people going to the speedway,” she said.

Another bone of contention since the work started has been the West Lynn junction near the East Coast Business Park.

Drivers trying to avoid the Hardwick roundabout have been cutting through into South Lynn.

“It is a dangerous junction and this is not a happy situation in that whole area,” said Miss Kemp.

The councillor said she had also received complaints from people who felt work has not been in operation on site at all times.

“People have queried if they are working 24/7 to get this done,” said Miss Kemp, who added the start of the work had been site preparation.

There have also been reports of impatient drivers performing U-turns on the A17 and Miss Kemp said the whole situation must be continually monitored.

“This all goes to show that the road infrastructure coming into King’s Lynn isn’t fit for the purpose. We need to look at everything,” she added.

Traffic at the Pullover and Hardwick roundabouts has been reduced to single lanes and restricted to 30mph.

The official divisions are on the A10 to Downham Market and the A1122 and A1101 to Wisbech. Work is due to finish at the end of July.