A daredevil leap from 13,000 feet has raised £1,444 for a charity which supports people with conditions or injuries which affect their appearance.

Lindsay Bird and Philip Bridges, from Dersingham, finally took to the skies for tandem skydives to help Changing Faces.

The charity has helped Miss Bird’s father, David, of Heacham, who was born with a condition known as vascular anomaly.

This has affected his face and resulted in any operations.

Mr Bridges and Miss Bird were originally due to do their charity leap in October, but poor weather conditions meant it had to be postponed.

The leap eventually took place on Lindsay’s 23rd birthday in April at the Hinton Skydiving Centre in Northants.

Mr Bird said: “The landings were fantastic and I must admit that I gave a sigh of relief knowing they were safely on the ground.”

Sponsor money and donations have now been collected and presented to Changing Faces.

One of the main sponsors was King’s Lynn Lions Club with £250.

Mr Bird said he was indebted to the Lions and all of the sponsors for their support. He said the charity was “absolutely thrilled” with the amount.

Skydive for Changing Faces by calling 020 73919279 or by visiting www.changingfaces.org.uk