The Pullover roundabout slip road. Picture: Tony Jones

A councillor has called for an urgent meeting with the Highways Agency and contractors working on the A47 at King’s Lynn.

Alexandra Kemp wants contractors to re-think the way the bridge works between the Hardwick and Pullover roundabouts have been scheduled.

The Norfolk county councillor has called for the works to be concentrated in only one area at a time; not to be carried out at peak morning and evening times and no work on July 26 when thousands of speedway fans are expected at the Saddlebow stadium for a round of the world cup.

Miss Kemp said traffic in her ward of Clenchwarton and West Lynn has become a big problem since Monday with the start of the reproofing and resurfacing work.

Cars and lorries have been cutting through these areas to avoid snarl-ups on the A47 and A17.

Miss Kemp said: “I appreciate they need to get the work done but we have got to spread the message that King’s Lynn is open for business.

“I don’t know why they need to close-off three areas at once. Why can’t they do one area at a time?

“I am concerned about working during peak hours of 7.30am to 9am and 5pm to 6.30pm.”

Miss Kemp hoped she might be able to secure a meeting today to voice her concerns, which have been echoed by the chairman of Clenchwarton Parish Council, Susan Cross.

Mrs Cross said morning traffic has become a nightmare in the village and she was concerned for the safety of children making their way to school in Main Road.

“My biggest fear is the school. We have got lorries coming through the village,” said Mrs Cross.

Traffic between the roundabouts has been reduced to single lanes and restricted to 30mph. Queues have built up on all approaches to the roundabouts at various times.

The eastbound stretch between the two roundabouts will be closed overnight tonight from 8pm to 6am tomorrow.

The official diversions are on the A10 to Downham Market and the A1122 and A1101 to Wisbech.