All things railways – both historic and into the future – will be the subject of a major event this weekend at Marriott’s Warehouse.

The King’s Lynn venue, on South Quay, is hosting the weekend conference, free to attend and sponsored by First Capital Connect, which currently runs the service from King’s Lynn station.

The event starts tonight at 7pm with Memories of Industrical Archaeology: Lynn, the Port and Railways in the late 1980s by Dr Clive Bond. It will be followed by a reception and the chance to view memorabilia from the B17 Locomotive Trust and an S-scale model railway.

Tomorrow from 10am to 5pm, there will be a series of lectures and presentations, including one from Mr Ian Legg, of First Capital Connect, who will be speaking about the station’s current regeneration project.

“This conference weekend will explore the relation between Lynn, the Port and Railways from the 1840s to the present,” said Dr Bond.

“Then new docks and railways together revived the trade of Lynn and Boston in the 1870s and 1880s and sparked modest industrial revolutions,” said warehouse Trust chairman Dr Paul Richards.

For more details of  the events see the website at and visit the events page.

Alternatively, telephone 0758 2037301.