A group of villagers are hoping to buy a park to preserve it for future generations.

Money to buy Heacham Park could come from a private bequest left to the village more than 20 years ago.

The park, which was once part of the Heacham Hall estate, has an asking price of £550,000.

A steering committee has been established in the village and the group is hoping to use £385,000 which was left in trust to the village for youth or community facilities.

Parish council chairman Peter Colvin said he attended the meeting as a resident, not as a council representative.

“I think it is fair to say there were differing views, but people were in favour of trying to acquire the park,” he said.

Mr Colvin said the park’s 48 acres had a number of covenants in place but added that it could, like many pieces of open land, be at risk from future development.

“Any open space is at risk because of the current government’s thinking, but I’m not sure the risk to this piece of land is immediate,” he said.

But around 50 people attended the meeting of the steering committee and the subject was also due to be discussed at the annual parish meeting.

The park was once the grounds to the hall which belonged to the Rolfe family and was destroyed by fire in the 1940s. John Rolfe married Native American Princess Pocahontas in 1614 and brought his wife to  Heacham the following year. The couple settled in Essex and she died in 1617.

Picture: Mike Page.