Reception children at St Michael’s School in South Lynn learned first-hand about healthy eating.

Twenty-seven pupils were the first to take part in a Farm to Fork Trail last week organised by staff at the Tesco King’s Lynn Hardwick.

They spent two hours at the store and learned where certain foods come from, how they were grown and the best way to cook them.

They were kitted-out with aprons, hats and clip boards before they headed off to the bakery where they watched bread being made and made their own rolls with toppings to take home.

They looked at produce and took part in a rainbow activity where they had to find fruit and vegetables in rainbow colours.

The store’s community champion, Laura Gathercole, said: “We tried different fruit and vegetables in the training room, bread and pancakes.

“The children were all given certificates and goody bags with their own bread rolls, a doughnut and some fruit.

“We went and looked at the recycling and where the lorries come in,” said Miss Gathercole, who sent Farm to Fork packs to  local schools which invited them into the store.

“I have got 12 more schools waiting to come in and next week five schools will be visiting.”

After Easter, the store hopes to team with Dobbies garden centre with pupils visiting Dobbies in the morning and Tesco in the afternoon.