Plans to create more than 100 acres of new wetland and grazing marsh in West Norfolk have been submitted.

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust is looking to create the Methwold Wetland near the sugar beet factory at Wissington to replace coastal habitat being lost to the sea.

If approved the scheme will see 46 acres of freshwater reedbed and 32 acres of rough grazing marsh along with 47 acres of drier grassland.

A report accompanying the application says the new reedbed would replace a similar habitat on the Suffolk coast which is being ‘lost or modified due to rising sea levels.’

“It will help to protect and enhance heritage by conserving the area of archaeological importance on the site and environmental assets by developing a wetland from low-biodiversity farmland,” says the report.

The aim is to create a new reedbed area which would support a pair of bitterns and a pair of breeding marsh harriers – both rare birds.

The wetland area would be ‘expansive, open and wild in character,’ the report continues.

The site is south of the River Wissey and south-west of the British Sugar factory.

The plans are due to be discussed later this year.