Andy English, of Grimston, is looking to form a ukulele club in the King’s Lynn area if enough people are interested.

Mr English, 54, and fellow musician Keith Sharples, of Walpole St Peter, are hoping like-minded Your Local Paper readers will get in touch if they are interested in finding out more.

“We are at the start of this process and want to gauge interest, recruit potential members and find a venue,” said Mr English, who has been playing the ukulele for just over two months and wants to progress further.

Mr English said it was an easy instrument to play and beginners could pick up the chords quite quickly.

The idea of  the new club would be to meet a couple of times a month with adult players of all abilities.

Mr English would also like to hear from any pub or club in the area with a room the budding group can use.

“I was doing some searching on the web, trying to find organisations, but I couldn’t find anything in this area,” said Mr English.

Mr Sharples is a ukulele player but has a brass instrument background, playing the tuba with Fakenham Town Band.

If you are interested in finding out more or have a venue which could be used call Mr English on 07767316866.