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Reducing the amount of free parking along King’s Lynn’s river front, moving roads round the South Gate and a new water feature for the Outer Purfleet are among a raft of recommendations.

The potential to redevelop Boal Quay should also be considered, according to a report due to go before members of West Norfolk Council’s cabinet next week.

A total of 16 recommendations have been drawn-up by the Heritage Task Group established last year to look at the historic assets of the town.

The first recommendation is to look at buying parcels of land around the South Gate with the aim of moving the road away from the landmark monument.

“Clearly funding would be an issue  and potential sources of grant funding would need to be investigated,” said the report.

The council is also being urged to ‘open a dialogue’ with the owners of high-profile buildings on the waterfront with  a view to  using compulsory purchase orders to secure them for development.

If the move is backed then steps should be taken in the next five years, according to the report.

The number of parking spaces along the South Quay could also be reduced to enhance the environment with trees and planters.

The waterfront is “currently dominated  by the line of free car parking spaces,” said the report.

Boal Quay car park could also be redevelopeed.

“The capacity to redevelop Boal Quay in the short term should be properly investigated, and if it is not feasible or likley then the car park should be further enhanced to improve its appearance,” cabinet members will be told.

A water feature should be added to the Outer Purfleet while a small fund is set aside to facilitate cosmetic improvements on Railway Road.

Tourist information should be sent to Hanse towns and new maps put up at town centre car parks.

“It is important that the gateway routes into Lynn are enhanced to provide a positive impression of the town. Edward Benefer Way, in particular, could benefit from further planting in key locations or screening,” said the report.

Cabinet members are being recommended to support all 16 of the suggestions put forward by the task group.


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