Work is continuing to re-build Hunstanton’s flood-ravaged Sea Life Sanctuary.

The latest estimate is for a summer re-opening for the popular sea front attraction.

The sanctuary was filled with sea water more than three-feet deep when the high tide hit the Norfolk coastline in December, breaching the sea defences.

Some 3,000-plus creatures, ranging from sharks and rays to penguins, seals and otters, had to be hurriedly evacuated to temporary homes countrywide when disaster struck.

“Stripping out water-logged flooring and other damaged materials is ongoing with work on necessary repairs and re-building to follow imminently,” said general manager, Nigel Croasdale.

“We will be replacing the large ray tank which was literally lifted off its moorings by the sea, as well as the seal, otter and penguin pools and the outdoor seal hospital, all of which were damaged beyond repair.

“How much of the rest of the original attraction will need to be replaced and how much can be salvaged, is still to be determined.”

A confirmed re-opening date cannot be given at this stage as Mr Croasdale explained some decisions have still to be made.

The final cost of all the damage and repairs is also unclear, but Mr Croasdale said it was expected to be a “sizeable” sum.