Regulars at a West Norfolk  pub will soon be welcoming back a familiar sight.

The iconic sign of the Union Jack at Roydon has been away for six months for careful restoration.

Landlord Trevor Barlow searched for a local sign-writer to restore the sign before a customer stepped forward.

Dr Judith Hills, a retired health professional, employed similar skills to her late father who was an accomplished sign writer.

“The sign was in such a bad state that at one point I was unsure whether it could be saved but it became a challenge and, perhaps, a small tribute to my father’s memory,” she said.

Almost 20 years ago the pub was bought by a patriotic Irishman who changed the name to the Blacksmith’s Arms and the original sign was dumped as as result.

But pub regular Rod Lownes rescued it and kept it under a spare bed at his home until five years ago when Mr Barlow reinstated the name. But the weather took its toll and the sign faded.

“It will be great to have the sign back over the pub as I remember it from my own childhood,” said Mr Barlow.

The newly-restored sign will be re-hung in on the wall in the near future.