West Norfolk residents could enjoy a freeze on the majority of their council tax bill as local authority budgets are drawn-up for the coming year.

Norfolk County Council, which takes the majority of the annual bill (77 per cent), and West Norfolk Council (seven per cent) are both aiming to freeze their figure for 2014/15.

It is the second year that both councils will keep the figure the same, if the proposal is backed by members of each full council.

Parking charges in the borough are also likely to remain unchanged for another year.

West Norfolk Council leader Nick Daubney is making the recommendations for the parking and council tax freezes, and the move has to be ratified by both the cabinet and the full council.

Norfolk County Council has announced its budget for the coming year and the details go before the full council for debate on February 17.

Police and parish precepts, which also make-up the bill, may well change.

The borough council froze its part of the Council Tax bill last year and over the past nine years the average Band D bill has increased by three per cent.

“It is a fact that our government grant has reduced, but we are in a good position to deal with his reduction and I am pleased to announce that I will be recommending to cabinet and council that council tax is frozen for another year,” said Mr Daubney.

Currently the county council costs a Band D payer £22.02 a week and the borough £2.16,  while the police cost is £3.86 and average parish charge 89p – an annual average of £1,504.

The new bills will go out in time for the start of the new financial year in April.

Mr Daubney said that aside from freezing current car parking prices, the council would be ‘pumping’ money into promoting the town centre and all it has to offer.