Sandringham and West Newton Primary School pupil Freddie Laws got royal approval for his religious education project.

Freddie, aged ten, was awarded the Queen’s Bible Prize for his project, entitled Jesus is the Light of the World.

The youngster and his family attended a church service at Wolferton on Sunday and afterwards went to Sandringham House to meet the Queen.

“I was really nervous and excited when I met the Queen, but she was really friendly,” he said.

The Queen asked Freddie about the project, the school and other subjects he enjoys.

“I said maths and she said that if I work hard at maths I may get the gold medal when I am at King Edward VII School,” he said.

Freddie also told the Queen he was the secretary of the school council and looked after the school hens.

“She talked to my mum and dad about their jobs and said she could hear the children at school at playtime.”

The Queen was yesterday  (Thursday) due to be at Sandringham WI, where she is honorary president, for the annual meeting.

She is expected to stay at Sandringham until after Accession Day, on February 6. This year will mark the 62nd anniversary of the death of her father, King George VI.