Lynnsport is one of Alive's leisure centres set to re-open with restrictions following lockdown.

Three possible routes for a new King’s Lynn link road will be discussed later this month.

Members of West Norfolk Council’s cabinet will approve a route on January 14 which would open up land at Lynnsport for future housing developments.

It is hoped funding could be made available from Local Enterprise Partnerships for the new road.

Officers suggest the best option of three is a route from the Edward Benefer Way junction with the North Lynn industrial estate, continuing between the industrial site and the drain. The road would run parallel to the cycle path, onto Reid Way and then Front Way before going into Lynnsport.The £4.3m estimated cost of the scheme is more than two other options but presents a better environmental option and would be safer, according to the report.

“Once the new road is built, existing households from both the Marsh Lane area and North Lynn will be able to exit onto Edward Benefer Way. This should assist in addressing recognised air quality issues, with associated health benefits,” it says.

The council has no budget provision for the schemes, the cheapest of which is £2.9 m.

“The proposal gives the best access way available for the Lynnsport sit. It has been developed whilst taking into account the vision for the site as a regional sporting centre, which is the focus for all sports and sporting events across the area,” the report adds.

Asking developers to foot the bill for the new link road would render the housing scheme unviable, it said, as project partners may not come forward if they had to pay for the road.