Temporary fix for Denver complex

Emergency repair work has been carried out at Denver Sluice after problems were detected following the storm surge earlier this month.

The Environment Agency has installed dam boards at the sluice to protect damaged gates.

Workmen were on site at the end of last week to carry out the repairs.

The damage was discovered during an ongoing assessment of all the flood defence structures following the tidal surge and subsequent flooding of December 5.

Coastal flood defences between King’s Lynn and Hunstanton protect more than 11,000 properties.

The sluice gates at Denver are an integral part of the Ely Ouse and South Level system and the emergency repairs will ensure continued protection for Ely, Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

“While damage to the gates at Denver doesn’t pose an immediate flood risk, the damage does compromise our ability to react quickly and protect people and property,” said Julie Foley, area manager for the Environment Agency.

“The best course of action is to install a temporary fix to minimise risk.

“This is just one example of emergency works taking place across East Anglia and we are continuing to work with our partners to recover from the tidal surge.

“Once we have a clear understanding of what other repairs are needed, we will prioritise the work, focusing on the defences which protect the most people and property ahead of February’s spring tides.

“We need to understand what is economically justifiable and technically feasible for all locations, so that we can ensure that public money is spent wisely,” she added.

The RSPB is running a £300,000 appeal to repair devastated reserves including Snettisham and Titchwell.

See www.rspb.org for more details.