West Lynn Primary School has been placed in special measures after Ofsted inspectors found evidence of bullying, underachievement, poor teaching and consistently low attendance.

The report, published this week, judges the school to be ‘inadequate’ across the board and says it does not have the capacity to improve.

Inspectors found that not all pupils showed respect for each other or for staff and records of poor behaviour were not kept.

“In the dining hall, pupils push each other and shout in each other’s faces,” the report goes on.

“Behaviour in the playground is not well controlled by staff, many of whom chat with each other rather than adequately supervising the pupils.

“There is rough play because there is too little play equipment and no organised games. The school has an adventure playground but pupils say that they are rarely allowed to use it.”

Inspectors note that attendance has been consistently low for the last three years, had dropped further in 2013 and shows “little sign of improvement.”

Pupils and parents reported there was bullying school and the reports says there are no formal consequences for misbehaviour.

“Many pupils do not have positive attitudes towards learnings because they are not provided with interesting learning activities in class,” the report says.

“Teaching does not enable pupils to achieve as well as they should.”

The school, in St Peter’s Road, was judged ‘satisfactory’ following its last inspection in 2011. Inspectors this time found important issues identified then had not been addressed.

“The school does not have the capacity to improve,” the report says.

“The headteacher, other leaders and governors do not have precise plans to bring about necessary urgent improvements, especially to teaching and pupils’ achievement.”