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ATHLETICS: Ryston Runners AC members proved they have not lost sight of the fun of running, when several took part in one or another – or both – of two non-UKA-registered charity events on Sunday.

The first was the Sandringham 10K, organised by Little Owls Pre-School, Rudham.

Simon Able, Bridget and John Plowright, Julia Norman, Helen Sewell, Martin Blackburn, Simon Tarling, Peter Drew, Jane Ashby, Allan Hamilton, Marcus Hawkins, Jo Brooks, and Kevin Smith enjoyed a cross country course through the royal park in mild weather conditions.

Seven of them went on to Hunstanton to join clubmates Sue Smith, Mel Watts, Ian Barrett, Doug Hosking, Andy Harrod, Peter Witley, Jeff Reed, Lesley Robins, Karen Smith and Kelly de Gol in the Hunstanton 10k (ish) in aid of the Stroke Association, supporting Ryston’s Mick Ennis, who was heavily involved in the organisation.

A soft sand surface, water, rocks, and a shellfish bed of some sort made conditions “interesting” and times largely irrelevant.

The first six runners across the finish line all have/had Ryston connections :

1 Matt Pyatt (ex Ryston),

2 Ben Collison (2nd claim Ryston),

3 Marcus Hawkins,

4 Allan Hamilton,

5 Ian Barrett,

6 Doug Hosking.

Club chairman Andy Smith was thanked for what Mick Ennis described as his “knowledge, advice, and ‘let’s just get up and do it now’ mentality”.