West Norfolk businesses are being invited to join a multi-million pound regeneration project starting this summer.

Local jobs will be created by the scheme which will transform Hillington Square.

Work to re-model the estate is due to begin in the next few weeks and the main contractor wants local construction firms to join them.

Lovell has been appointed as the main contractor for estate owners Freebridge and the company is keen to create local workforce opportunities.

Residents of the flats facing the Millfleet have already been relocated so work can start.

A total of 320 flats will have new windows, doors and insulation. External cladding, rebuilding of balconies and walkways, new entrances, lifts and garages are all part of the project.

An open event is being held for local firms on June 14 from Square Community Centre.

All types of construction work will be available and there will also be roles for other trades.

Simon Swanson, of Freebridge, said there could also be non-physical jobs related to the project, including working with residents.

“It is a major project and we would like local firms to be involved. There will be every aspect of work.”

The scheme was designed with input from the residents and designer Wayne Hemingway along with Alex Ely, lead architect with a company named mae LLP.

“The Hillington Square programme will create significant work opportunities locally and this event is designed to enable new and existing members of our supply chain to find out more about the scheme.

“People just need to turn up on the day to find out more and speak to our site team,” said Lovell construction manager
Michael Saunders.

Residents who have relocated for the scheme will be offered the chance to return once work has completed.

The project will be carried out in phases and will be long-term.