A narrow defeat in Dorset on Wednesday failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the King’s Lynn Roger Warnes Transport Stars as a new Elite League season got under way.

Poole, but took the hosts to a last-heat decider after Simon Stead led a tactical ride 8-1 to turn things round mid-meeting. Indeed the visitors led 41-40 going into the last two heats.

It followed a perfect start to their campaign with back-to-back wins on Good Friday.

The Stars started the day with a four-point 50-40 victory at Peterborough. It went the way of the visitors when Niels-Kristian Iversen and Stead scored a 4-2 to give Lynn a 34-32 lead in heat 11. That was followed by a 5-1 from captain Mads Korneliussen and Seb Alden. Further wins from Nicolai Klindt and Iversen in the final two races were enough for victory.

A dash back along the A47 for the evening fixture saw the Stars take control with a pair of 5-1s in heats 7 and 8. Rory Schlein and Alden followed through the chequered flag by Stead and Kozza Smith to open a 28-20 lead.

Lynn moved 10 points ahead in heat 10 with a maximum from Iversen and Stead.

Alden won heat 11, to thwart Peterborough hopes of making the most of their tactical ride and, after a heat advantage for the visitors in heat 12, both teams decided frost had caused the track to become dangerous and the meeting was called to a halt with the scores 41-33.

Stars team manager Rob Lyon was pleased with the opening day, telling the Stars website: “It was a perfect start. Peterborough have a fairly strong team and I don’t think they will lose too many at home.

“We can’t ask for more than seven points out of a possible seven.

“Unfortunately the track was becoming dangerous for the riders to race let alone ride on.”

Stars at Peterborough: Iversen 13+1, Korneliussen 11, Schlein 8, Alden 7+1, Klindt 6+2, Stead 5+1, Smith 0 

Stars v Peterborough: Stead 10+1, Korneliussen 7, Klindt 6+2, Alden 6+2, Schlein 5, Smith 4+1, Iversen 3 Stars at Poole: Iversen 11+2, Alden 8+1, Schlein 8, Stead 7+1, Korneliussen 6+1, Klindt 4+1, Smith 1.